XGZP6869A Water Tank Level Sensor

Water Tank Level Sensor XGZP6869A Features

  • Wide Ranges: -100kPa…0kPa…200kPa
  • Optional 5V or 3.3V Power Supply
  • Gauge(Positive&Vacuum) Type
  • For Non-corrosive Gas or Air or Liquid
  • Calibrated Amplified Analog Signal(Refer to XGZP6869D for I2C interface)
  • Temp. Compensated: 0℃~+60℃(32℉~+140℉)
  • Direct Application,Low Cost

Water tank level sensor XGZP6869A Essential Details

Product CategoryPressure Sensor
Model NumberAs Order Guide
Pressure Range-100kPa…0kPa…200kPa
Pressure TypeGauge
Power Supply5V/3.3V
Output TypeAmplified Analog
Measured MediaAir or Non-corrosive Gas or Liquid
Temp. Compensated0~60°C
Operating Temp-30~120°C
PackagePlastic Tube or Tape&Reel



Applications of water tank level sensor in medical and healthcare:

Dialysis Machines
Fluid Level Management – In dialysis machines, these sensors ensure the correct balance of water and dialysis fluids, crucial for patient safety and effective treatment.

Medical Sterilizers
Sterilizing Fluid Monitoring – These sensors monitor the level of sterilizing fluids in medical sterilizers, ensuring proper sterilization of medical instruments.

Laboratory Equipment
Sample and Reagent Levels – In various laboratory equipment, they are used to monitor the levels of samples and reagents, aiding in accurate medical testing and research.

Applications of water tank level sensor in consumer and household:

Home Water Filtration Systems
Water Supply Monitoring – Water pressure sensor in home water filtration systems ensure a consistent supply of filtered water, indicating when tank refilling is needed.

Home Appliances
Water Level in Appliances – In appliances like coffee machines and washing machines, water tank level sensors ensure the optimal level of water for efficient operation and energy conservation.

Applications of water tank level sensor in industrial and automation:

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Process Control in Batch Processing – In pharmaceutical manufacturing, sensors monitor water levels in batch processing tanks, crucial for maintaining precise formulations.

Food and Beverage Industry
Beverage Production – In the food and beverage industry, these sensors are used to control water levels in production processes, ensuring product consistency and quality.

Cooling Systems in Industrial Facilities
Cooling Water Management – In industrial cooling systems, water tank level sensors maintain the correct level of cooling water, essential for efficient operation and equipment safety.



Water tank level sensor XGZP6869A is a perfect silicon pressure sensor offering a ratiometric analog interface for reading pressure over the specified full scale pressure span.

The XGZP6869A sensor incorporates a silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor die and an interior Application Specific Integrated Circuit(ASIC) in a SMT package.

The XGZP6869A water tank level sensor is fully calibrated and temperature compensated for offset, sensitivity, temperature and non-linearity, so these sensor satisfy the prefect repeatability, linearity, stability and sensibility, which can be applied directly in medical&healthy, home appliances, consumer electronic, industry, automotive, loT and other pneumatic devices etc.

XGZP6869A is for high volume application at an affordable cost but perfect performance. Customized calibrations(working voltage, output voltage, pressure range etc.) are available.


Dimension (Unit:mm)

xgzp6869a water tank level sensor dimension


Order Guide (100kPa=0.1MPa=1bar≈14.5PSI)

xgzp6869a water tank level sensor order guide

1. Voltage 5Vdc as default value, add 33 behind mode signify 3.3V power supply, e.g. : XGZP6869A040KPGL033.
2. Custom requirement or parameter, please consult CFSensor sensor manufacturer for custom code(e.g custom pressure range etc,.) and water tank level sensor price.


Water Tank Level Sensor XGZP6869A Pressure Range Example

Please consult CFSensor whether required pressure range is under normal production before place best water tank level sensor order.

1. Unit conversion: 1000hPa=1000mbar≈750mmHg≈100kPa≈14.5PSI≈10mH2O≈1bar=0.1MPa;
2. Available for more custom pressure range e.g. 0~3.92kPa,-2~2kPa,0~500kPa etc,.

xgzp6869a water tank level sensor pressure range example


Datasheet: XGZP6869A Pressure Sensor V2.6.PDF



Using these sensors products may malfunction due to external interference and surges, therefore, please confirm the performance and quality in actual use. Just in case, please make a safety design on the device (fuse, circuit breaker, such as the installation of protection circuits, multiple devices, etc.), so it would not harm life, body, property, etc even a malfunction occurs. To prevent injuries and accidents, please be sure to observe the following items:

  • The driving current and voltage should be used below the rated value.
  • Please follow the terminal connection diagram for wiring. Especially for the reverse connection of the power supply, it will cause an accident due to circuit damage such as heat, smoke, fire, etc.
  • In order to ensure safety, especially for important uses, please be sure to consider double safety circuit configuration.
  • Do not apply pressure above the maximum applied pressure. In addition, please be careful not to mix foreign matter into the pressure medium. Otherwise, the sensor will be discarded, or the media will blew out and cause an accident.
  • Be careful when fixing the product and connecting the pressure inlet. Otherwise, accidents may occur due to sensor scattering and the blowing out of the media.
  • If the sensor come with sharp PIN, please be careful not to hurt your body when using it.


The information in this sheet has been carefully reviewed and is believed to be accurate; however, no responsibility is assumed for inaccuracies. Furthermore, this information does not convey to the purchaser of such devices any license under the patent rights to the manufacturer. CFSensor reserves the right to make changes without further notice to any product herein.

CFSensor makes no warranty, representation or guarantee regarding the suitability of its product for any particular purpose, nor does CFSensor assume any liability arising out of the application or use of any product or circuit and specifically disclaims any and all liability, including without limitation consequential or incidental damages. Typical parameters can and do vary in different applications. All operating parameters must be validated for each customer application by customer’s technical experts. CFSensor does not convey any license under its patent rights nor the rights of others.

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