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Camshaft Position Sensor XGZR6191

Using small-volume, low-cost samarium cobalt magnets as the magnetic field source of the product; Using electromagnetic pure iron with low coercivity and high permeability to improves the utilization rate of permanent magnet magnetic field and response time; The glazed wire resistant to high pulse voltage is used as the source of the product signal.

Finally, the coils, permanent magnets and magnetically conductive pure iron are assembled and injection-molded. The process is simple, the product injection molding consistency is good, the size is small, and the cost is low.

Crankshaft Position Sensor XGZR6192

Adopting well-known brand Hall components can ensure product output accuracy and quality reliability. Using samarium cobalt magnets as the constant magnetic field of the product can guaranteed performance and high stability. Adopt one-piece injection molding structure scheme, reduce the number of parts and shorten the process flow, reduce material and production costs.